Clinton Borden Davis Jr. was born in Attleboro Massachusetts. The name, Borden comes from, Lizzie Borden who babysat the author's father before she was accused of murder. Born in May of 1930 and is of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English decent. He graduated from Bridgeton Academy in Maine and the Bishop Lee Theater School in Boston. He moved to California and graduated from the Pasadena Playhouse. MGM took an interest in his acting talent. After acting for several years, he went into the insurance industry and was appointed to the California Senate as an insurance adviser and also marketed insurance to agents throughout the United States. Now semi retired, writing novels is the future.

'When you ask for an autographed book, write something for me to work with, so you don't receiver just a cold,  'Sincerely.' For instance, 'I liked your synopsis and told a friend." Something I can respond too. I want to be grateful and personal.'